Our Objectives

  • To enable Pudumai Penn to attain financial independence through skill development for improving their employability, income levels and career opportunities. Nurture them to aspire higher and support them in that endeavor
  • To encourage aspirations of young girls to excel in the field of sports by providing them financial assistance for training in the chosen sports area
  • To assist Pudumai Penn to identify their chosen areas of study / skill development objectives / career ladder examinations etc. and provide financial assistance for tuition fees and other related expenses so they qualify and find suitable placements
  • Conduct training aimed at increasing the level of financial literacy. This will help them for opening bank accounts, availing bank credit facilities/micro financing assistance, managing their income/expense accounts. In deserving cases, assistance will be extended for them to avail financing from banks for any small venture they want to promote
  • Create awareness about good nutrition, basic hygiene and fitness routines. Also, the role and importance of good health for themselves and their families
  • Impart knowledge on their legal status and rights and empower them. Train them in basic self-defense techniques, safety tactics to help them ward off external abuse and domestic violence (through dowry, alcoholism, etc.)
  • Develop entrepreneurial and managerial skills for those who aspire to strike out on their own to run Self Help groups/home/cottage/small industries
  • Train Pudumai Penn on social skills in terms of effective communication, good etiquette, conversation, politics/economics basics
  • Inculcate ethics, values and sensitivity to others to enable them to become responsible citizens of India


Our Mission
Our Organisation