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Students from affluent families have the advantage of educated parents and a vast network of well-informed relatives and friends to mentor and guide them on education and career choices. Unfortunately, Pudumaipenn scholarship holders lack such a mentor network. They are also not exposed to structured learning interventions in the form of workshop or training programs.

To provide our scholars with a mentor network the Pudumai Penn Foundation hosts an Expert Talk session bringing in experts from a variety of fields to speak on important topics. The foundation also facilitates regular training programs and workshops which help the scholars acquire life skills as well as subject specific knowledge. These expert talks, training programs and workshops help motivate these talented young women to aim higher, expand their horizon, stay focussed and achieve their long term goal of building a successful career.

8th & 9th August 2020
Life Skills Workshop by Cognizant Outreach Volunteers

When it is hard to even do a life skills program virtually, Cognizant Outreach volunteers made it highly engaging so that each student was able to understand more about life skills. Topics ranging from ‘Looking within and finding your true self’, ‘Importance of Speaking Out’, ‘Face the World’, ‘Stress Management’ and ‘Importance of Goal Settings in life’ were presented in (activity based) interactive sessions and conveyed in a non-preachy manner.

23rd February 2020
Developing a Positive Mindset by Rajini Sriraman

Sunday 23rd February witnessed a large gathering of our scholars, across all years, for Rajini’s session on “The power of Positive thinking”.

The session began with dealing with one’s Fears. Accept yourself, Act in time and Emerge boldly was the message.

The girls were divided in groups and were encouraged to share their top fears. Stage fear, Fear of being judged, Fear of expressing ones views, Fear of exams, Fear of speaking in English were some of the recurrent fears expressed.

Through an interesting activity Rajini encouraged the girls to open up, express themselves and liberate themselves from these Fears which were limiting them

“Fears is an Energy and a Time consumer” was the takeaway from the exercise.

Having set the set the stage and a positive energy in the room, Rajini then demonstrated how each individual was responsible for “creating one’s own happiness”

The brain is an adaptive organ. The brain can be rewired and planted with positive thoughts. The girls went through an exercise which demonstrated how every negative thought can be converted into a positive one. Remove all mental barriers. Have a positive mental image of yourself, Build emotional and mental immunity, Expect the Best were the strong messages.

The energy in the room was high at the end of the session and it was evident that the close to 70 participants felt stronger about their ability to overcome their fears and create their own happiness.

February 2nd 2020
Team Work and Interpersonal Skills by S.Chandrasekaran

The core message of the session was that “Communication plays a big part in our interpersonal relationships”. S.Chandrasekar demonstrated this with several examples and simple activities.

Activity 1 – The girls were asked to move around and greet each other in a perfunctory manner. After that they had to switch to greeting each other warmly.

The take away from this simple activity is the change in Energy. A warm greeting always makes both the recipient and the giver more energized! If we approach people warmly, almost always, it is reciprocated.

The next lesson was that for each of us our name is our brand. And the behaviour we exhibit creates that brand. Giving several examples he demonstrated how we have good intentions, but the tone we use when we communicate and our choice of words, often do not convey our good intentions.

“Always understand the “purpose” of the communication, then the right words and the right tone will automatically come” was the oft repeated message.

The girls did an interesting activity, wherein they listed their “Relationship Shrinkers” and their “Relationship Flourishers”. This exercise made them introspect and realize how their own behaviour can impact other people’s behaviour both in a negative and positive way.

The third activity required the participants to convert many YOU (blaming) messages to “I” messages, which are nonaggressive and therefore more productive.

It was a very engaging session with lessons that our scholars can carry for life !

January 5th, 2020
Create and set Your Own Goals by Vidya Raghu

Vidya started the session by establishing that “Energy is core” to success. And that each one’s mantra should be to “Grow Grow Grow”

The girls were taken through a short visualuzation session of what they want to achieve by January 2021 and how they would *feel* having achieved that dream. Some of the girls were invited to share their dreams and Vidya stressed on how important it was to invest in helping themselves achieve that dream. Giving several relatable examples Vidya demonstrated how small steps taken with the right attitude and in the right time can lead to achieving one’s Goal. The girls were urged to “SEE your Goal, FEEL your Goal “.

The second half of the session was spent on setting Goals that were Specific, in different areas of one’s life and tips on how to take stock and measure success. There might be temporary setbacks, but “Do not compromise your Goal for the temporary problem” Vidya repeated .

The session ended on a HIGH Energy note. Each participant was asked to set and review their individual Goals and share it with the group during the course of this week.

A highlight of the session was the involvement of our Alumni.

At a meeting conducted with the Alumni a few weeks and facilitated by Rajini, many of them volunteered to support. One of the suggestions was that they share their real life experiences of the “world of work” with our current students.

Two of the alumni working with leading IT organisations were present for the workshop. Both girls urged our scholars to be regular for the sessions that are conducted by the Foundation. They said it was only when they met their peers at work that they realized the advantage they had from the mentoring received at Pudumaipenn. “Focus on your Goal and work towards it !”, they urged the current batch.

It seemed to give the students a lot of confidence when someone who had also studied at a Government school like them could stand in front and talk confidently about her experiences at work. Sreedevi referred to the tips she had got at The Interview Skills session (kudos to Kalpana !) that helped her at the final interview at Cap Gemini .

This is a great initiative and we hope it will accelerate in momentum!

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