Personal Effectiveness Part 2

29 Jan 2023

Personal Effectiveness – Part 2

Mr. K. Parasuraman, Leadership Coach & Facilitator

Objectives of the session:

  • To develop the mindset & skillset to get the best out of oneself.
  • Utilising all of one’s energy, skill and motivation to develop and reach the goals.

Learning Summary:

  • RRR - Recall, Repeat & Reflect
  • Your energy, mood, emotions & success are your own responsibility. You are influencing it all the time
  • Channelise your emotions for best outcome
  • Fear stops success, replace fear with confidence.
  • A relaxed mind yields better focus. Keep the distractions positive to attract energy.
  • Listen to great speakers- apply the learnings
  • Create your success routine
  • Power of association- be conscious of your friends, peers- build favourable networks
  • Understand people in life & understand & evaluate the influence they create in your life.
  • Use technology & internet to your growth & advantage.
  • Don’t follow things blindly- wear your thinking caps.