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Where women lead, change tends to follow.

The Pudumai Penn foundation aims to honour India’s rich heritage by stimulating the holistic development of young Indian women into empowered economic and social contributors. Subrahmania Bharathi, the great Tamil poet, patriot and social reformer, called to the Indian nation to emancipate its women. Bharathi realized that if Indian women are freed and given the gift of education, they could soar to great heights.

What We Do

Let us celebrate women’s life

Managing Trustee


From Managing Trustee

The Pudumai Penn Foundation continues to be inspired by the great poet Shri Bharathiyar and his vision for women’s freedom, equality and education. We believe that a woman can attain self-actualisation only through fine knowledge and an unfailing mental strength.

What Our Scholars Have to Say

“After completing school I didn’t have any financial support for further studies but Pudumai Penn is funding my degree and helping me with English and computer skills…”

Aruna K

A Pudumai Penn scholar. Kamala is working towards a career in commerce.

Before coming to Pudumai Penn classes, I was embarrassed to talk in English in front of others but after this class I can speak in English and work on a computer. I feel so good…”

Anandhi M

A Pudumai Penn scholar.

“My teachers supported me to stay in school when my family could not afford it. Now Pudumai Penn is helping me by funding my degree. But they are helping me beyond that…before coming here I used to study by rote. Now, I understand what I am learning.”

Vijayalakshmi S

A Pudumai Penn scholar pursuing a commerce degree while working part-time.

“After 12th I didn’t have money for higher studies and thanks to the scholarship I am able to pursue a degree…”

Theresa S

A Pudumai Penn scholar pursuing a computer science degree. She dreams of the day she can in turn help poor students who don’t have money for their studies.

“I studied in a corporation school where we had no idea how to survive in a corporate world. This is exactly what we are doing here. We have mentors and a computer centre. This fund is very useful thing for us as we are just normal people…”

Sridevi G S

APudumai Penn scholar studying electronics and communications engineering whose school nominated her for the scholarship. She thinks Pudumai Penn sessions are helping her develop new skills.

“I want to be a state and national level pole vaulter. My coach and Pudumai Penn are enabling me develop both sports and education, my knowledge of English and other studies…”

Preethika A

A Pudumai Penn sports scholar and rising star in the Tamil Nadu athletics firmament. She is determined to achieve more in her life through sports.

We support young women through three key areas of work

We at Pudumai Penn Foundation focus on Academic scholarships, Structured learning intervention and Computer proficiency training.

What We Do

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If our cause appeals to you, please do get involved. We are a small not-for-profit, running on the passion and dedication of a few willing volunteers. Any contribution you can make, whether in donations or in time, will be gratefully received.

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