Positive Mental Attitude & Laughter Therapy

10 Mar 2024

Positive Mental Attitude & Laughter Therapy

Ramkumar facilitated this workshop,Ram is a Psychologist/social worker. He travelled from Tirunelveli to do this program.

 Top Learnings- 

  •    Practice regular Neuro associative conditioning-Positively reinforcing our brain to create new habits.
  •    Laughter,Happiness & Joy empowers & transforms life.
  •   Personality is an association of Attitudes, Skills & Knowledge integrated in one.
  •   Develop adaptability for success
  •   Practice visualisation for positive mental health
  •   Overcoming challenges by empowering oneself, women are naturally resilient & gritty.

Practiced Laughter Therapy

  • Laughter increases oxygen supply to the brain
  • Ram taught them appreciation laughter. Appreciation is a powerful tool & strengthens your relationships with people & better empowers you.
  • Lion laughter to strengthen your throat muscles & lungs
  • Hyena laughter strengthen your thyroid glands
  • Arjuna laughter for attaining goals.
  • Ravana laughter to drop ego. This strengthens the brain
  • Belly laughter - for stomach muscles and overall fitness
  • LT leads to inhalation of positivity & exhalation of negativity Provides excessive happiness & joyful state that creates inner calmness & improves focus & productivity.
  • LH release good hormones & improves health.
  • The more we express our feelings the better is it health.

Overall students gave great feedback & some also sought individual counselling after the session.