Re-energise, Reset, Rekindle your passion by Squadron Leader

15 Oct 2023

Re-energise Reset, Rekindle your passion by Squadron Leader

Synopsis of workshop.

Lucid demonstration, interaction and explanation on following

Fear: It is good to have this trait, but inaction owing to this is a big deterrent.

Waste: Can also be useful, demonstrated with chocolate wrapper (as one girl distributed owing to her birthday)

Confidence: Aptly demonstrated with a song, participation by two girls in singing, the same song.

Physical activity of stretching demonstrated, drove home importance of planning, participation, involvement, purpose, goal setting.

Purpose, Passion, Practice / Perseverance was demonstrated with activity to reach Success.

Feedback of session provided by about 6 girls with positive take away, which was appreciated by Squadron Leader Mr.Unni Nair, explaining this was the purpose of Workshop