Month: November 2023

Re-energise, Reset, Rekindle your passion by Squadron Leader

15 Oct 2023 Re-energise Reset, Rekindle your passion by Squadron Leader Synopsis of workshop. Lucid demonstration, interaction and explanation on following Fear: It is good to have this trait, but inaction owing to this is a big deterrent. Waste: Can also be useful, demonstrated with chocolate wrapper (as one girl distributed owing to her birthday)…
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Life Skills Workshop by Cognizant Outreach for 2023 batch scholars

14 Oct 2023 Life Skills Workshop Cognizant Outreach for 2023 Batch Scholars Summary: 4 A – Avoid, Accept, Alter, Adopt Internal and External factors 5 Steps to improve English communication Goal setting How to face problems with confident Rem Sleep Impressive way to introduction yourself Difference between skill and talent and strength How to be…
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