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Life Skills Workshop

26 Mar 2023 Life Skills Workshop Cognizant Outreach Team Learning Summary: 4 A – Avoid, Accept, Alter, Adopt Internal and External factors 5 Steps to improve English communication Goal setting How to face problems with confident Rem Sleep Impressive way to introduction yourself Difference between skill and talent and strength How to be a good…
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Goal Setting and Interview Skills

19 Feb 2023 Goal Setting and Interview Skills Ms.Geetha Premkumar Learning Summary: Personal & Professional Goals provide direction. The determine our future & what we want to become Integrating one’s interest with passion & skills will be a sure shot success. Discipline & determination are very important ingredients for achieving one’s goals One has to…
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Personal Effectiveness

Personal Effectiveness Part 2jbadminFebruary 14, 2023Personal Effectiveness(0) Read MorePersonal Effectiveness Part 1jbadminDecember 30, 2022Personal Effectiveness(0) Read More

Live life to the fullest

9 Oct 2022 Live life to the fullest “Live life to the fullest” was the title of the session Unni conducted on 9 Oct 2022 for the PudumaiPenn students. Through powerful video clips, interesting exercises and subtle questioning, he demonstrated to the audience how it was possible to challenge the status quo, overcome Fear and…
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